[izpack-changes] [Patch #779] bug with browse button for userinputpanel search

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Tue Jan 3 14:50:41 CET 2006

Patch #779 has been updated. 

Project: izpack
Category: None
Status: Open
Submitted by: opk
Assigned to : none
Summary:  bug with browse button for userinputpanel search


Date: 2006-Jan-03 14:50
By: opk

This was previously sent to izpack-devel

I am using a search field type in a user input panel. The Browse button brings up a file picker but it is not correctly handling whether the file picker should allow files to be selected: with a spec element such as <spec txt="prog home" filename="bin/prog" type="file" result="parentdir">, the expected result is a directory but directories can't be selected in the file picker.

The patch below fixes this. Currently the code compares  this.searchType to RESULT_DIRECTORY. searchType can only be set to one of TYPE_DIRECTORY or TYPE_FILE so this is clearly wrong.


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