[izpack-changes] [Patch #778] option parsing error with compile script

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Thu Jan 12 10:34:00 CET 2006

Patch #778 has been updated. 

Project: izpack
Category: None
Status: Open
Submitted by: opk
Assigned to : none
Summary: option parsing error with compile script


Date: 2006-Jan-12 10:34
By: opk

recreated patch against 3.8.1.
I have checked and compile.bat needs no changes because it uses the IZPACK_HOME environment variable.

Date: 2006-Jan-03 14:45
By: opk

I previously posted this to izpack-devel

With izPack 3.8.0, running the compile script with the -? option results
-> Fatal error :
   no arguments given

This is because the compile shell script now uses
"-Dizpack.home=${IZPACK_HOME}" instead of -HOME "$IZPACK_HOME".
but the source code still expects the -HOME option first.

I've attached a patch for removing the -HOME option but you may prefer
some other solution. Note that with this patch, you'll also need to
modify compile.bat to use -Dizpack.home if that's possible.


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