[izpack-changes] r2012 - izpack-src/trunk

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Thu Jan 24 20:42:18 CET 2008

Author: jgordon
Date: 2008-01-24 20:42:14 +0100 (Thu, 24 Jan 2008)
New Revision: 2012

- Adding multiple validator support to the password field
- Adding password equality validator as out-of-the-box functionality
- Adding a keystore validator as out-of-the-box functionality
- Adding a standard path selection panel for the user's use
- Many spelling, capitalization, and terminology corrections

Modified: izpack-src/trunk/Versions.txt
--- izpack-src/trunk/Versions.txt	2008-01-24 19:40:45 UTC (rev 2011)
+++ izpack-src/trunk/Versions.txt	2008-01-24 19:42:14 UTC (rev 2012)
@@ -87,7 +87,22 @@
 - UserInputPanel: some variables were not saved for silent installers (Piotr Skowronek via Julien Ponge)
 - Text fields now can support validators (Piotr Skowronek via Julien Ponge)
 - UserInputPanel: substitution support for text fields (Piotr Skowronek via Julien Ponge)
+- TextInputField: Vertical layout issue fixed. (Jeff Gordon)
+- RegularExpressionValidator: Added ability to use with password fields. (Jeff Gordon)
+- PasswordEqualityValidator: Implementation of sample validator for use in any installer. 
+  Shows how to get at validator parameters as well. (Jeff Gordon)
+- PasswordKeystoreValidator: Validates keystore and/or key access using password field. (Jeff Gordon)
+- CompilerConfig: Changed uninstaller name to allow file name without jar extension. (Jeff Gordon)
+- UserPathPanel: Implemented copy of PathPanel as an alternative to dir type in UserInputPanel. (Jeff Gordon)
+- ValidatorContainer: Added supporting class for using multiple validators. (Jeff Gordon)
+- PasswordGroup: Added usage of ValidatorContainer to support multiple validators. (Jeff Gordon)
+- UserInputPanel: Changes to support multiple validators in password field and better error messages. (Jeff Gordon)
+- build.xml: Added ValidatorContainer and section for UserPathPanel. (Jeff Gordon)
+- eng.xml: Grammatical corrections, added UserPathPanel headline, messages, and captions,
+  added UserInputPanel.dir.* messages and captions, added UserInputPanel.file.* messages and captions.
+  (Need to add/test with alternative lang packs)  (Jeff Gordon)
   > 3.10.2 (build 2007.05.11)
 - Vista/Java6 fixes (Stefan Wachter via Julien Ponge)

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