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Mon Jan 28 16:46:15 CET 2008

Author: jponge
Date: 2008-01-28 16:46:14 +0100 (Mon, 28 Jan 2008)
New Revision: 2025

This file has not been maintained for a loooooong time...

Deleted: izpack-src/trunk/Thanks.txt
--- izpack-src/trunk/Thanks.txt	2008-01-27 20:15:36 UTC (rev 2024)
+++ izpack-src/trunk/Thanks.txt	2008-01-28 15:46:14 UTC (rev 2025)
@@ -1,110 +0,0 @@
-[ A list to thank some people ]
-    I'd like to thank the following people as they helped me to create IzPack
-by their libraries, contributions, feedback, and so on. If you think that I
-forgot to mention your name, just send me a email : julien at izforge.com.
-    Of course, I would first like to thank YOU, whoever you are, for using
-IzPack for your projects ;-)
-- Marc De Scheemaecker : for the great NanoXML 2 library.
-- Jan Bosenberg at Incors : for the Kunststoff Look and Feel library and the
-  link on the Incors.org Kunststoff homepage.
-- Pierre Dittgen : for the Jakarta Ant makefile.
-- Klaus Hartlage : for the German language pack support.
-- Romain Guy : for the Jext editor, the feedback, and the use of IzPack for
-  Jext itself.
-- Johann Loefflmann for the great bug reports and improvements.
-- Carlos Rueda for the Spanish language pack support.
-- Eric Samson : for the feedback and the encouragements toward the project.
-- Brad Cox : for the feedback, some tips in the source code, and using IzPack
-  with its MyBank project.
-- Bertrand Luc : for the feedback.
-- Chris Boothe : for the feedback.
-- Alberto Molpeceres : for the javahispano.com website.
-- Johannes Lehtinen : for the Finnish language pack, the I/O improvements,
-  and the variables substitution system as well as some other hacks.
-- John Rousseau : for the feedback.
-- Nicolas Deschaume : for the nice splash screens.
-- Michael Peterson : for the TargetPanel enhancements (default target
-  customization) and the English language packs enhancements.
-- Paul Wilkinson : for the English language packs enhancements and the Ant
-  IzPack integration.
-- Joao Marcelo Pereira Alves : for the Brazilian-Portuguese langpack.
-- Serge Sivkov : for the fixes and the Russian langpack.
-- Marcus Wolschon : for the fix in PacksPanel.
-- Marcus Stursberg : for the clean ResourceManager.
-- Fridjof Jansen : for the Dutch language packs support.
-- Stefan Norman : for the Swedish language packs support.
-- Elmar Grom : for the huge job on giving IzPack the ability to add shortcuts to
-  the Windows operating system in a very elegant and portable way as well as
-  some great work on the documentation.
-- Olexij Tkatchenko : for the Ukrainian language pack as well as the job on
-  making IzPack able to execute some external executables scripts.
-- Piotr Bzdyl for the Polish language pack support.
-- The e-xmlmedia.fr people for the lot of improvements and new features added to
-  IzPack.
-- Harsan Peter for the Hungarian language pack.
-- Hiroki Akimoto for the Japanes language pack.
-- Gareth Cronin : for the Ant task fixes.
-- Jan Blok : for the very great improvements on the installer GUI.
-- Hani Suleiman : various things as well as the uninstallers script launching
-  feature patch.
-- Milan Madzia : for the Slovakian langpack.
-- Fran Taylor : for the packs OS-targeting patch.
-- Sanjay Linganna : for the OS selection accuracy patch.
-- Igor Anikeev : for the russian langpack updates.
-- Jonathan Halliday : for the directory creation patch and the great
-  enhancements.
-- Dani Orza : for the Romanian langpack.
-- Tom Moore : for the absolute files path patch.
-- Tino Schwarze : for the great enhancements.
-- Dennis Lundberg : for the Swedish and Windows "Program Files" i18n
-  improvements.
-- Alex Carlos Braga Antao : for the portuguese i18 contributions.
-- Cristian Ghezzi : for the Italian i18n contributions.
-- Chad McHenry : for the compiler warnings generation patch.
-- Everaldo & the KDE crew : for the first-class Crystal icons theme.
-- Frank Bille Jensen : for the Danish translation.
-- Volker Friedritz : for the ImgPacksPanel redesign.
-- Mike Cunneen : for the UserPanel enhancements.
-- Thorsten Kamann : for the various contributions.
-- Peter Mikula : for the installer images patch.
-- Dario Yuri : for the finish panels patch.
-- Bill Wong : for the Windows shortcuts contributions.
-- Gaganis Giorgos : for the userInputPanel i18n code.
-- Alex Bradley : for the ProcessPanel contributions.
-- Bronek Truszkowski : for the polish langpack fixes.
-- Erik Artzmark : for the bug fixes and the "files on disk" feature.
-- Flavio Fonseca : for the portuguese langpack updates.
-- Eduard Jodas Samper : for the keyboard UI blocking patch.
-- Andreas Vox : for the various patches.
-- Borje Jonsson : for the InfoPanel variables substitution patch.
-- Redhuan Daniel Oon : for the Malaysian translation.
-- Mohammed Sourouri : for the Norwegian translation.
-- Xi Ping Wang : for the Chinese translation.
-- Filip Brcic : for the Serbian translation.
-- Marc Eppelmann : for the Unix shortcuts support.
-- Michael Hagedorn : for the UserInputPanel fixes.
-- Jan Pavlovic : for the Czech translation.
-- Oscar Sierra : for the patches.
-- Per Abich : for the patches.
-- Alexey Makhmutov : Russian langpack updates.
-- Anthony Xin Chen : for the ProcessPanel patch.
-- Nils Nordman : for the Swedish updates.
-- Juan Alvarez : for the Spanish updates.
-- Andreas Breiter : for various patches.
-- Johannes Gutleber : for the ExecuteForPack, processing dependency on a selected pack.
-- Vitor Rodrigues : fox Fixes on shortcuts for RedHat and Mandrake.
-- Stefano Gamma: createForUnselectedPack, show a userinputapanel if a pack is not selected.
-- Fabrice Mirabile : for the patches.
-- Scott Starsk : for the patches.
-- Stefan Heidrich : for the PacksPanel langpack loading patch.
-- Oliver Kiddle: for the patches and fixes
-- Julian Payne: for the patch on WebAccessor
-- Hal Vaughan: for the patches
-- Eric Rose: for the patch related to the logfile of AntActions.
-- Ryan Shillington: for the patches
-- Amit Bhayani & JBoss: for the patches
-- Parastou Kohvaei: for the Farsi translation.

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