[izpack-devel] Documentation -> Fabrice

Elmar Grom elmar at grom.net
Fri Dec 1 00:03:56 CET 2006

Hi Fabrice,

here is another documentation problem that I just happened upon.

In the chapter about writing your own panel you will find the following

Next Steps

Once you have a successful compilation, you must place the compiled result
of your panel code at a special place, so that the installer compiler can
fetch it when building an installer that uses your panel. Go to:


You will see that there is a subdirectory for each panel. Make a
subdirectory for your new panel with the exact same name as your panel and
place your compiled panel code there.

Once this is accomplished, you are ready to use your panel in an installer.
Just list it in the spec file like any other panel, compile and in theory it
will show up when running the installer. Once you made it this far, you can
dig deeper and get going with your specific needs.

Oh, and one other thing: If you think the your code might be useful for a
larger audience, please think about a contribution to IzPack.

I remember writing this text myself. The problem is, it's not true any more.
The subdirectories now contain the complete directory tree to the panel,
plus there is a jar file containing the panel. At presnet I am not clear
which is actually being used.


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