[izpack-devel] Good practice for the Eclipse "Problem"-Tab...

Markus Schlegel markus.schlegel at pulinco.com
Fri Dec 1 09:48:50 CET 2006

I read some posts about this the last few days and like to share a few thoughts about this.
When I switched from JBuilder to Eclipse last summer with my project, Eclipse showed up with several thousands Problems. First I thought, "oh dear, there is so much wrong with my code? Lets fix all of this and I get more reliable code (higher quality)...". When I got deeper into this, I realized, that most of those problem warnings are irrelevant. It just makes no sense to add a foll blown javadoc comment to a simple selfexplainatory method. What happens most in such cases is, that the programmer then simply adds a dummy comment (no real explaination, its there only to quiten eclipse). And in fact I saw this in many projects. It just makes no sense to rewrite in javadoc what is written in the method declaration already. Often it's also much better and sufficient to write a good class comment. Then iot makes no sense to rewrite the comment for the methods again.  
The other point that often happens with such (dummy) comments is, that - because they are irrelevant - they will not be maintained when developing the code.
What I like a lot more, are comments inside the code block (as it is done in IzPack already very well I argue). But this can not be tested with eclipse of corse...
So maybe you should concentrate on real problems, open points and fixing bugs rather than quitening eclipse's problem tab.
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