[izpack-devel] Patches for IzPack - branch or trunk ?

Markus Schlegel markus.schlegel at pulinco.com
Mon Dec 4 17:08:50 CET 2006

I have now checked out izpack from svn.
After merging my changes into the trunk, I get several bad behavior.
Also the code in trunk does not include changes that are in the 3.9
branch head.
So I am not sure, where to provide the patch (diffs).
If I have changes to be incorporated into IzPack, for which branch
should I provide diffs, the trunk or the 3.9-branch?
Here the List of Changes:
1.) Read ProgramFiles from Environment if possible, else fall back to
3.9 behavior.
2.) Allow writing to toplevel Registry Key for those roots where this is
possible (views). Reverting those keys (aka. delete them on uninstall)
does not work. This is already discussed with Klaus - he will (?)
provide a fix for this. 
3.) Added a commandline switch to disable the language-selection dialog
if a provided language matches the systemlanguage. --> A User with a
german system does not want to select the installationlanguage, if there
is german as an option. Same applies to english users on english systems
and so on. This is now added as an option, but I think this could also
be the default behavior.
4.) "loose"-Option of Packs worked with absolute file path's, while the
Dokumentation stated, that one sould take care of the relative file
path's. I have now included a fix, that stores only the relative
filepath in the serialized data and which restores the filepath on
Installationtime based on the location of the jar-file and if that fails
the current working directory and the provided relative path of the
PackFile. With this fix, I am now able to define a privately bundled JRE
as "loose" and provide it with the installer-executable (Launch4j) on a
CD. Clients without a preinstalled JRE use this bundled JRE to start the
installer and the Installer will then copy the JRE into the
I can hardly imagine a usecase, where the absolute path to the file at
packaging time should also be used at installation time. So I guess the
old behavior is just a bug. If not, we should discuss how the
"loose"-feature should work.
5.) Add some exeption.printStackTrace() to be able to find the reason
for not working features. Open point with the new Log-API from Elmar.
6.) Fix bug with "TargetPanel.dir" setting
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