[izpack-devel] Bug or feature

Elmar Grom elmar at grom.net
Tue Dec 5 18:04:12 CET 2006

Well, it seems pretty obvious that this was implemented a long time ago,
when the InstallPanel was the only panel that actually performed any
work/modifications. Due to addition of other panels that perform actual
installation tasks, it has morphed into a bug.

The problem cannot be solved on the panel level, because that would imply
that we know when coding the panels, which one will be in the proper
position to make this decision. Since the panels can be freely re-arranged
and new ones can be written at any time, it is impossible to know.

My proposal for a solution would be as follows:

Let the developer decide when it is appropriate to change the behavior,
since at the time an installer is configured the answer is known. This could
be done by simply adding a property to the panel tag that allows 'flipping
the switch'. Each panel would inspect the property and then behave
accordingly. Since the code would be the same for all panels, it can be
implemented in IzPanel. In this case it would exist only once and nobody
would have to worry about the issue when writing new panels.


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Hi Dennis,
good question. For me it is a bug...
But a fix have to ensure that idata.canclose have to be set to true
also there is no ProcessPanel.
This problem will be related to all panels after InstallPanel.
Spontaneous I tend to hang it not at the InstallPanel else on the
panel count. But I am not certain that this will really work right.
May be needs little bit more meditation...



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>If I use a process panel after the install panel, there is no question
>'really quit installation' when clicking on the quit button. This
>question is based on idata.canclose which is set to true in install
>panel. So, the installer exits immediately although not all processes
>have finished.
>Is this a bug or feature?
>   Dennis
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