[izpack-devel] Logging -> need feedback

Elmar Grom elmar at grom.net
Tue Dec 12 06:26:50 CET 2006

Hi everybody,

sorry, I was spaced out for a bit, wanted to send this earlier but a lot was
going on in my world... anyway, here we continue with logging

Please send comments, proposals etc. and let me know if you can help a
little with this project. There is still some work to be done on many
fronts, though none of it should be a major amount.

What has happened and what is implemented so far?

So far I have implemented a logger class and modified it according to some
feedback I received. This class can do the following:

1) it can be used to log any event of interest during an installation
2) depending on the types of events recorded (message/warning/error) the
class provides flags for the GUI to present an appropriate generic message
3) an exception can be attached to warning and error messages
4) it can build a localized text report and provides the necessary UI to
save the report to a file of the users choice.
5) there is special handling support for use of (4) in an automated
installer. In this case a message dialog is popped up that also allows the
user to save the report if there are any warning or error messages recorded.

What needs to be decided and what is yet to be implemented?

1) the two finish panels need to be upgraded to display a generic message
indicating installation success
2) the two finish panels need to be upgraded to provide a button for saving
the report
3) Log needs to integrated with the project (who can check the code in for
4) Julien has proposed to add a GUI element to the installer frame that
displays a message if a warning or error was recorded. This would have to be
implemented and wired with the logger for updating.
5) what should be done if the developer decides not to use a finish panel or
wants to write his own?
6) some re-factoring work is required surrounding InstallData
7) there are LOTS of messages to be translated ~:o)
8) logging should be used -> implement lots of logging all over the code!


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