[izpack-devel] UPDATED: Patch 5/6: Language From OS Switch

Markus Schlegel markus.schlegel at pulinco.com
Tue Dec 12 14:14:10 CET 2006

Klaus, thanks for the input.
The flag is useful, if you "wrap" the jar file with a Launcher like I do
I would never expect from a target system that there is already a VM
installed, therefore I will always use Launch4J to wrap the
installer.jar ...
Therefore I can not agree with you, that there is more work to write the
cmdline switch than selecting the language.
It just depends on who has the work. Again, I am sure, that there is no
need for a Languageselection, if the Installer contains the language the
system runs on and no special action is taken. I *guess* that 90% of the
users don't need the language selection. So the decision of including
this "panel" should be the choice of the developer of the installer and
not the choice of the IzPack-team. 
I admit, that the commandline switch is not the best solution to do
this. It is better to have a configuration item in the XML file. Also
there is no need to change the default behavior. It was just my opinion
that it should be the default, because most installer on Windows do not
ask for the language, even if they could do it. But of corse changing
this is not so easy with a large base of usages.
Attached the new version of the patch that uses the modifier instead of
the System Property.
The Documentation can be edited by adding the following paragraph to the
"Modify Language selection Dialog" section:
- langFromOS:
possible are "yes" or "no". Default is "no". If it is set to "yes", the
installer first checks if the system runs with a language supported by
the installer and ommits the Lanugage Selection Dialog if so. If the
System runs with a Language not supported by the installer, the Language
Selection Dialog is displayed neverthless.


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I do not vote to add this patch to IzPack, but I can live with it if so.
1. Until now the regular usage of an installations made with IzPack
no command line options. It is more work to write the option as to
the default language. Additional the user has to know  the option.
May be the usage of a batch or cmd or sh file for starting solves this,
why. What about international OS installations?
A better solution for suppress the language selection feature will be to
it in the <guiprefs>. To save extension of the element it is possible to
the sub element <modifier>. But without docu this should not be done.
I warn about to change the default behavior; I will not live with it.
2. The language selection dialog is not a bug else a feature of IzPack.
May be there are other state of the art installer where a language
needs a calling program which merges an other language into the
IzPack provides this as feature for all users, not only for the users
which reads 
the installation docu where (we hope) it is written how to call the
installation to 
get the language selection dialog.
It is normal that one loves the daughter and one the mother. Long time
a developer of IzPack has decided that there is a language selection
We should not change this if some one do not like it. Else we start a
pong play.

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	Added a commandline switch (-DlangFromOS=true) to disable the
language-selection dialog if a provided language in the installer
matches the systemlanguage. --> A User with a german system does not
want to select the installationlanguage, if there is german as an
option. Same applies to english users on english systems and so on. This
is now added as an option, but I think this could also be the default
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