[izpack-devel] Swing threading fixes

julien at izforge.com julien at izforge.com
Fri Feb 3 13:51:13 CET 2006

Hi Fab,

> i have a little comment on what you did.
> I figured that most of the work was on the progress bars (the invokeLater
> is
> a tricky but nice tool !)
> anyway, i recall that a while ago users asked for a progressbar that would
> show the percentage progression.
> Is that something we should/could add ?

Why not :-) Everything is to make sure that Swing components operations
are done on the event-dispatching thread. I could make a build of IzPack
that reveals threading problems by outputing traces (this is based on
Scott Delap work). People could test it with their own installs since I
suspect that there are issues with some other panels. At least the
installer generated for IzPack does not have any issue now :-)


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