[izpack-devel] Additions to executefile element and ProcessPanel panel

donald donaldm at tricom.co.za
Wed Jan 4 13:26:59 CET 2006

Tino Schwarze wrote:
 >> If the question is output to stdout (or stderr) then it should appear in
 >> the existing output text area.

 > So the user sees the question and can enter his answer? (I stumbled
 >across your wording "a text input field appears".)

Yes the question appears just above the input text field. Its mainly 
intended for simple interaction eg accepting a license and not for any 
complicated interaction.

One problem than can occur when the user won't see the question is if 
the process being executed executes another application which then 
prints the question to its own stdout which is not visible to the 
original applications stdout. This is rather odd as I would have thought 
the child process would inherit the parent stdin, stdout and stderr, at 
least in Linux/Unix.  For example the JAI install executable that I was 
testing on executes unzip to unzip the files and if a file exists it 
asks the user if he wants to overwrite, but this will not be displayed.

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