[izpack-devel] Previous Button -- Any Way To Notify the Panel When "Prev" is Pressed?

Miraodb miraodb at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 17 17:08:04 CET 2006

hi hal,

i was gonna send you the diff for that... but you already found the
solution... still interested ?
i'm not sure whereas we'll commit that. i need some other's opinions.
I recall some comments on the behaviour of the previous button. It can be
very tricky coz if you take the processpanel for example you don't want to
execute the processes twice.
adding the listener is a good idea... just gotta find a suitable solution.
for your personal work i can send you the diff.

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When "Prev" is Pressed?

> On Tuesday 17 January 2006 06:25 am, Miraodb wrote:
> > Hi hal,
> >
> > > I realize that anything that needs to be done in a panel when "Next"
> > > pressed can be put in isValidated().  Is there an equivalent I can
> >
> > on
> >
> > > being called if "Prev" is pressed?  Or is there a way to add a
> > > to the "Prev" button so I can be sure my panel is alerted when the end
> > > user moves backward through the panel?
> >
> > uhm... i don't see why not !
> > Just like for the next button, there should be an easy way to get a
> > listener for the prev.
> > I never really thought about it but i'm sure it's possible.
> > i'll check it out.
> I'd think something like putting a boolean method like "movingBack()" or
> "previousPressed()" in IzPanel that always returns true when you can move
> back, so it can be overridden in a Panel class would help.  I know you can
> lock the Prev button, but this would be different.  For instance, with
> I'm working on, this would give me a chance to take care of a few things
> before the previous panel came up.
> Hal
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