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this is quite common need indeed but no worries.
This can't be done with a basic installation. You'll have to go for a custom
panel which would derive the panelactivate() method.

I see few ways to do it.
One would be to set a bunch of panels (could be userinputs... or custom
panels) in the install.xml in the right order and then use the first custom
panel (wihch gives you your number whatsoever...) and use the skippanel()
method to show only the panels you need.

something like

if number = xx then skippanel(this); skippanel(that)

this is not pure code ;) just a hint on how you could do it.
check out the docu for custom panels. basically they all have to extend
izpanel and there you can do whatever yo want.

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Hi all,

First of all, an apology if this has already been tackled before - I
haven't been able to find it.  Basically, I would like to have a User
Input Panel ask how many instances need to be installed i.e. a number,
then depending on this number, izPack will display more User Input
Panels to collect even more information for each instance.

So I need the installer to be partly dynamic, being able to change on
the response that a user gives and display more or less UserInputPanels
depending on the number of instances required.

Does this make sense or should I clarify it further?  Has anyone
attempted anything like this already?


Chris McGonagle

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