[izpack-devel] JUnit Testcase for checking langpack completeness

Hans Aikema aikebah at aikebah.net
Sun Jul 2 02:30:19 CEST 2006


As I lacked linux shells for langpack checking I decided to use my newly 
obtained knowledge of the JUnit framework to create a JUnit testcase 
which checks the installer langpacks for correctness using the english 
langpack as the reference langpack.

As the JUnit is not testing Java classes, but project-related resources 
I decided to first check with this list whether or not you think I 
should commit the testcase in the repository.

FYI: only 6 out of 26 langpacks (including the english langpack) pass 
the test for completeness and lack of superfluous translations

should I add the JUnit testcase (which I called 
Bin_Langpacks_InstallerTest reflecting the resource location of the 
langpack files) to the IzPack repository under src/test ?

Hans Aikema

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