[izpack-devel] Heading panel, panels counter

Miraodb miraodb at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 4 13:11:49 CEST 2006

Hi Klaus,

> Because all panels should have one, but only if
> the install developer will have it. Therefore the
> stuff is configurable.

How to configure it, did you add elements or attributes to install.xml ? i
didn't see the dtd changed...
I guess i'll go through the docu first before asking stupid questions :)

> Second a label or a progressbar which shows the
> panels number and the amount of panels
> ("Step 3 of 45"). This is also configurable and
> placeable in the heading or navigation panel.
> In the docu I have moved the <guiprefs><modifier>
> mimik from node4.html to node5.html to the section
> "Modifying the GUI". There is the subsection
> "Using a Separated Heading Panel" which descibes
> how to activate heading panel and panels counting.
> There are also some new images where you can see
> what happens. Checkout
> trunk/src/doc-ng/XHTML

Oki, great job, thanks for the docu!

> May be there is also a need to change something in
> trunk/src/doc-ng/docbooks. But I do not know docbooks.
> May also be that my text is not correct in grammer and
> so on. A review by a native speaker will be nice...

I'll make all the changes in docbooks.

> Any comments?
Comment? as usual, great job ! thanks.


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