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Elmar Grom elmar at grom.net
Tue Jul 18 18:22:51 CEST 2006

Hi Fabrice,

honestly, I don't think it's fair to expect you to look at all commits and
filter out what requires a change of the user manual. There are so many
changes that simply fix a problem or improve some behavior, with no impact
on the usage that it is certainly a difficult thing to find out what
requires follow-up and what does not. I suppose the worst are commits that
involve both. I don't think a brief message to you is asking too much.

As far as the particular issue in the SchortcutPanel is concerned, this
could well have been changed before you started on your docu project. Once I
find something like this I have a tendency to assume that there is more it.
Of course I don't know that for sure.

The thing I ran into had to do with making sure the checkbox for shortcuts
on the desktop is pre-checked. Someone (I have no ides who or when)
introduced a new variable 'DesktopShortcutCheckboxEnabled' to accomplish
this. There are actually two problems with this.

1) it's not documented. Therefore most people would assume this is something
that can't be done. I found it because I noticed the behavior had changed,
so I had a look in the code.
2) unfortunately the wording is a bit of a poor choice, since it suggests a
different functionality than what it is actually doing. I don't think we can
change it now though, because that would probably break a number of existing
installer specifications.


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Hi Klaus,

Just few words on last chapter of the preivous  mail...

> Most I trial to synchronise the XHTML docu with my changes.
> If needed, I can send Fabrice a "ping", but I think normaly he
> see my changes.
> Only things which are related with implementing something in
> IzPack ( like a layout manager) are not documented in the XHTML
> docu else in the code self. This can be written in a
> system manual, but the IzPack docu is a user manual, I think.

I agree that IzPack docu is not a user manual. Therefore for those who likes
to implement their own stuffs a little search on the code isn't too bad.
Plus, the list is always there to help in case :-)
for instance, i never tried myself to work on the layout manager... if one
day i need to do so.. i'll buzz you up eheheh

Besides jokes, I did see all the changes in cvs/svn since we have the very
useful commits logs. What they do in terms of code is ok but what is the
intention behind it might be tricky to find out sometimes, especially if not
looked after a while. I'm going through the list of changes, since elmar and
julien asked for a Necessary update of the docu, which i'm totally up for.
I'll work on julien on the list and probably get back to you and other who
made changes if i'm missing something or if i don't understand what was the


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