Automation fixes (was: Re: [izpack-devel] CVS is closed!)

Tino Schwarze at
Sat Jun 10 08:48:56 CEST 2006

On Sat, Jun 10, 2006 at 12:04:46AM +0200, Julien Ponge wrote:
> >Tino, pretty new to SVN, still feels very unfamiliar.
> You did a good job :-)
> Just one thing: you are not forced to tag before you merge back to  
> another branch. You can just use the revision were you branched as a  
> reference (or the last revision were you merged). You can get such an  
> information from the log of a folder and so on.
> See the Subversion book for instructions on branching / merging.

I see, the revision is global, so I can use that as a reference. Neat
concept, just one question left: As merges are not logged by SVN, I need
to track the revision number when the last merge occured (for merging a
branch several times into HEAD or merging across branches). Therefore I
created the lastmerge tag. Or is there a way to figure out the last
merge without having to find a file which was affected?

Quote from the Subversion book:
  "What does this [SVN doesn't track merges] mean to you, the user? It
  means that until the day Subversion grows this feature, you'll have to
  track merge information yourself. The best place to do this is in the
  commit log-message. As demonstrated in the earlier example, it's
  recommended that your log-message mention a specific revision number
  (or range of revisions) that are being merged into your branch. Later
  on, you can run svn log to review which changes your branch already
  contains. This will allow you to carefully construct a subsequent svn
  merge command that won't be redundant with previously ported changes."

So, the tag was probably not neccessary here but it's a good thing to
stick to good practice.



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