[izpack-devel] ProcessPanel

lame lame at o2.pl
Wed Jun 14 20:41:41 CEST 2006

I was trying to change colors in ProcessPanel, unfortunately in source code I 
found  a "TODO: make it colored", so here is my version of ProcessPanel.java 
(you can get it from http://laduj.pl/ProcessPanel.java ). It uses JEditorPane 
instead of JTextArea, so HTML is allowed, and to use colors, just add 
apropriate HTML tags. For example this is my processed file:

cd /home/ezael/BccTalk

echo "<h2><font color=\"red\">Configuration</font></h2>"

java -jar copy.jar

rm -rf gpg_after.properties
rm -rf settings.properties
rm -rf copy.jar
rm -rf *.tmp

echo "<h2><font color=\"green\">Done!</font></h2>"

You can add to IzPack my version of ProcessPanel as HTMLProcessPanel.

Radek Wesolowski

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