[izpack-devel] Problems with VM 1.5

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Thu Jun 22 11:23:50 CEST 2006

Hi Elmar, hi all,
oops, my check in at 2006.06.20 contains a little bug.
Do not crash, but also not delete :-( Please Update it.

The free thread approach is really a nice back-door trick.
I am not happy that it seems so that a 1.5 VM do not work
right with it. My solving needs more system resources and
is slower. OK, such is live...
As more as I test it it will be more curios.
Always it crashes only if the free thread mimik is used.
But with my real installation it crashes sometimes
(10% - 30%) with 1.5.0_01, but rare (< 10% but > 0%) 
with 1.5.0_06. I have made a test program which contains
only a panel which calls parent.exit(). With this it is possible
to run batch which calls it more than one time. I have made
some different versions; some without any more, some with
resources where most of it are not used really.
The simplest one (attached) crashes near 100% on my box.
If I add the registry stuff it crashes ~ 20%.
If I add the registry stuff and some resources it crashes > 50%.
This values are for 1.5.0_06. With 1.5.0_01 there are also crashes,
but really rare (3% - 4%.
Just I make new tests. I would create a zip file with which the 
test installation can be builded.
I can also send the builded install.jar, but 400 KB in an EMail
can be a little bit to much.
Where we can place such things on BerliOS? ftp is not possible
for me.



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>in general I do not like the free thread approach to removing 
>the dlls. I
>only put that in, because I could not find any other way back 
>when I wrote
>the shortcut panel. It's a rather nasty back-door trick. If 
>there is another
>approach to solving this problem, then I am all for it.
>If there is a test version to verify a different 
>implementation, I am happy
>to take it for a spin and let you know what I find.
>	Elmar
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