[izpack-devel] ShortcutPanel headline indentation fixed.

Marc Eppelmann marc.eppelmann at gmx.de
Fri Jun 30 16:19:03 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I've just commited the fix for the headline indentation.

by the way:
 I have extracted the xml stuff in an own class.

Also I wrote a method variant in the VariableSubstitutor that gets an  
InputStream and returns a (Substituted) String. 

This makes it possible to use *all* IzPack Variables in the ShortCut Spec 
This is useful for the custom variables from the UserInputPanel and much more.

We use it to replace the $TOMCAT_AS_SERVICE variable in the following 
xml-fragment of the shortcut.spec within a shortcut - for example:

<condition create="true">
    <equals name="${TOMCAT_AS_SERVICE}" value="false"/>
      <createForPack name="Tomcat"/>   			  

This sample shows also a new (but not finished) "ant borrowed" feature / 
enhancement, which I have written but not commited yet, because its based on 
a NanoXML enhancement. 

If someone wants this feature, and nobody has any objection to this, I will 
commit this next time.

Note: this makes the old  "createForPack" redundant because it can be also 
defined such as:

<condition create="true">
  <createForPack name="Maintenance Tools"/>

@Julien, Is it OK to make changes on the NanoXML codebase?

Have fun.


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