[izpack-devel] Compiling Without Creating All Packs

Miraodb miraodb at hotmail.com
Mon May 15 16:57:34 CEST 2006

Hi Hal,

If i understand well, you want to compile only a set of packs within your
full install.xml.
This is currently not possible. However, i'm sure you could reduce the time
spent on compiling by for example merging the 4 packs into 2.
I explain....
I guess you're using the os attribute on the pack element for those
Instead of that, you could simply add the attribute to each element within
the pack after merging windows and unix files.


instead of this:
<pack name="Client" id="clientid" preselected="yes" required="no"
   <parsable targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH\axiom_batch\startomni.bat"
<pack name="Client" id="clientid" preselected="yes" required="no" os="unix">
   <executable type="shell"
targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH/axiom_batch/StopNamingService.sh" os="unix"/>

Use this:
<pack name="Client" id="clientid" preselected="yes" required="no">
<parsable targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH\axiom_batch\startomni.bat"
   <executable type="shell"
targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH/axiom_batch/StopNamingService.sh" os="unix"/>

This has two advantages.

- If you need files in both systems, you don't need to repeat them (saving
time and space)
- If you need to add later one something to the pack, you just have to do it
in one place.

I tried both ways for my install and i saved up to 30mo and about 2

Hope that helps,

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> I sent this to the user list by mistake a few weeks ago.  Since I had no
> response, I'm re-sending it on this list.
> When I create an install for a client, I have one pack (on the web
> install) that is always unique.  I also have 4 other packs, 2 of
> OpenOffice (1 Linux, 1 Windows), and 2 of RealVNC (again, 1 Linux, 1
> Windows).  The OpenOffice packs take 8-10 minutes to compile and
> create.  These packs are the same for each client, so once they're
> created the 1st time for the first client, there is no need to
> re-create them.
> Is there any way I can compile a web install that is supposed to include
> some packs but without actually compiling them?
> I suppose I could hack the code, but it'll be a couple months before I
> get to that.  Is there another way to do it from the command line?
> Thanks.
> Hal
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