[izpack-devel] Compilation Error Found

Oliver Kiddle okiddle at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 19 17:21:37 CEST 2006

On 15 May, izpack-devel at lists.berlios.de wrote:
> TO:
> String izHome = System.getProperty("IZPACK_HOME");
>       if (izHome != null) home = izHome;

That looks like the change I made in the patch put on the berlios patch
tracker. See:

> now, my question is, is there a reason for that ?

Yes. The compile shell script distributed with IzPack was broken.

> I use the program arguments in eclipse as follows for the compiler:
> -HOME "C:\cvs_izpack_head\izpack-src" "C:\IzPack
> Projects\trunks\installer\InstallTest.xml" -b "C:\IzPack
> Projects\trunks\installer" -o "C:\IzPack Projects\trunks\installer\test.jar"

That explains why you don't see the problem I saw. The compile script
uses the following:
  -classpath "${IZPACK_HOME}/lib/standalone-compiler.jar" \
  "-Dtools.jar=$TOOLS_JAR" \
  "-Dizpack.home=${IZPACK_HOME}" \
  $MAIN_CLASS "$@"

So it uses the izpack.home property instead of the -HOME option. You can
probably change you eclipse settings to do that. That would seem the
best solution to me.

If you do want to restore the -HOME option, I would very much suggest
that the option is rewritten to work properly. -HOME should not need to
be the very first argument. compile -\? should work without it in any
case. And it'd be nice if the -o option could be specified before the
name of the XML file (the more conventional order of options on UNIX

Also, the latest release of IzPack installs the compile script with DOS
line endings. That also breaks the script.


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