[izpack-devel] overriding files

Ryan Shillington Ryan.Shillington at troux.com
Mon Nov 6 18:08:37 CET 2006

Hello Elmar,

IzPack won't overwrite a read-only file, but will overwrite it
otherwise.  I didn't put that feature in, but I do use it occasionally
if I change a file in my install that I want to test without rebuilding
the installer.  Then I can reinstall and my custom install tasks will
run with the new code instead.


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Hi Elmar,

I can't really answer you precisely because most of my install are from 
scratch. I will try to run some tests over the weekend.
I will try to put a cfg file just in case it could be related.
I think that the idea of a warning if something wasn't overiden. Better 
maybe would be to have the name of the file(s) which didn't.
Hace you have already made such test ?

Will get back to you if i find anything interesting.


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> Hi everyone,
> I am observing some installation problems and was wondering if anyone
> has seen similar issues.
> The problem is, that sometimes the installer fails to override 
> pre-existing
> files even though it should. So far there seems to be no clear pattern
> to
> when this happens or why. The only slight hint I have, has to do with
> file name, but I am not sure about it, so don't let it mislead you. It

> seems
> to happen with a file that has the extension .cfg, which is also used
> MS
> Outlook.
> Apart from the problem I am observing right now, I think there is
always a
> possibility that a file cannot be overridden. Therefore it might be a
> idea to test this during installation have some warning to the
> that
> the installation might not have completely succeeded. Any comments?
>       Elmar
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