[izpack-devel] UserInputPanel - replacing MultiLineLabel withJTextPane?

Elmar Grom elmar at grom.net
Wed Nov 15 17:40:44 CET 2006

This sounds like a good idea. However, I don't think we have to be content
with the font. It should be possible to get the label font and then set that
as font on the JTextPane.

One issue might be version compatibility. At least for a while there was a
desire to have IzPack compatible as far back as possible. I don't know if we
have a policy at present and if so, what the desired version compatibility


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At least for staticText field types it's useful to have the html
formatting enabled. It also allows the text to be selected/copied/pasted
(links, numbers...). With some tweaks it can start the links with the
default Internet browser. I tested it on Windows with jdk5, the only con
being that if html content is used the default html font is different
than the default label font, but it's not that bad (screen shot
attached) and can be fixed either by not using "text/html" content or
making html formatting to match the font.

What do you think?

Vladimir Ralev, JBoss/RedHat

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