[izpack-devel] window title stripped after first character underWindows

Stefan Wachter stefan.wachter at gmx.de
Mon Nov 20 14:19:01 CET 2006

Hi Klaus,

I set a breakpoint at the constructur of InstallerFrame:

     public InstallerFrame(String title, InstallData installdata) throws Exception
         guiListener = new ArrayList();
         visiblePanelMapping = new ArrayList();
         this.installdata = installdata;
         this.langpack = installdata.langpack;

         // Sets the window events handler
         addWindowListener(new WindowHandler());
         // Builds the GUI

         // We show the frame

Being called, the title parameter contains the correct value ("PolFHa - Installation"). Yet, when 
the line showFrame() is reached the opened window has a window title consisting only of a single "P".

I recognized that this happens only if the setup is started from a network folder (either directly 
addressed in the file explorer or mapped through a network drive). If a local copy of the setup is 
used then the title is displayed correctly!

Do you have an idea about what is going wrong?

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