[izpack-devel] Latest proposed patches

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Tue Nov 21 09:54:19 CET 2006


I'm preparing docu diffs so that Klaus can do the "four eyes check". And 
i'll update the lang files.
I also hope to find free time to "finally" post my stuffs..... damn it ! 
sorry about that again....

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> Hi Julien,
> I will handle the patches from
> Vladimir Ralev about "mutually exclusive packs"
> and from
> Stefan Wachter about "use instance number to customize strings"
> But first next week.
> Cheers
> Klaus
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>>Hi all,
>>There have been a few patches sent to the list recently. Many thanks to
>>the people who sent them!
>>As I am getting back to the IzPack development because of
>>laptop issues,
>>can someone please tell me who is handling which patch? I will handle
>>those that haven't been picked by a developer yet.
>>Also, if you have sent a patch for some time and are still waiting for
>>it to be reviewed and eventually merged, please notify me on this list.
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