[izpack-devel] Proposal for Messenger class

Julien Ponge julien at izforge.com
Tue Nov 21 18:12:00 CET 2006

Hi Elmar,
> Branch: To be honest, I don't think this project is big enough for me to
> install and deal with a new version control system. Therefore, if you agree,
> I would like to do this work just with a local copy and insert the resulting
> code into the repository with your support.
That's fine then. You would do me a favor if you could send a 'diff
-Naur' style patch in the end :-)
> About the decision to use a String[] to pass the variables: there is no
> problem using a List for the purpose. On the other hand, in typical use
> there will be either no variables or just one. In rare cases there might be
> two or three. The variables will be inserted into the string based on their
> position in the array and by definition we are always dealing with strings.
> Under these circumstances I find it a bit out of proportion to press a List
> into service. On the other hand, I don't feel exactly very strong about it,
> so using a list is fine too.
You can go with String[] then, it's not going to be shocking as you
describe it.

Thanks for your work ;-)

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