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Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Thu Nov 23 09:10:05 CET 2006

Hi Reinhart,
the docu of 3.9.0 will be included in the installation of IzPack. Select the 
doc pack and look in it.
During developing it can happen, that the docu sometimes is not synchronized
with the implementation. If some thing is missing it can be included in the
trunk of the SVN repository (the source of docu is located in
It is also possible that a developer has not written a docu. Fabrice (one
developer of IzPack) tries to synchronize the docu with the implementation,
but this is a sisyphus work...
If something is missing you can call this list or/and look into the source (or vis a versa).
Proposals for missing docu are welcome.

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Hi Iz-Pack Developers!


When is the new manual / documentation due to be released describing the new functions that have been implemented in 3.9.0?


Can I download anywhere a "not-yet-finished" version of the Docu?


We'd like to implement some of the new 3.9.0 features in our installer.


Cheers and Regards

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