[izpack-devel] Logging

Elmar Grom elmar at grom.net
Wed Nov 29 00:43:50 CET 2006

Just a quick answer on the remarks by Markus Schlegel, specifically this

"After working for some days with izpack, I have to mention, that silently
gulping a general Exception is not a good practice. You should maybe use
some logging api to log such exceptions - just for troubleshooting. It's ok
for specific exceptions that are expected to be thrown. So if you plan to
make some refactoring in the future, this may be a point to look at."

Markus is absolutely right. I think there is some work left in IzPack to
ensure it really is as stable as we all would like and that any problems
encountered during installation are reported to the operator.

A couple of days ago I sent out a message with the following subject line:
"Proposal for Messenger class"

This is a proposal about a logging infrastructure to deal with exactly this
issue. In the meanwhile it is mostly implemented and ready to be integrated
with IzPack. In the near future there will be some messages to request your
input and support on a number of related topics. Logging calls will be very
simple to implement, so I hope there will be heavy use of this feature by


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