[izpack-devel] <executable> timing

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Mon Oct 30 09:58:26 CET 2006

Hi Jeff,
I am not clear whether performing the exec at "now" is that
what you really need or not. At thinking about mainenance I get the
idea to do something before installing a file, may be doing
something just after installing. Also possible have to do 
something at starting the installation of a package.
OK, all will be possible to implement in <executable> until
things can be done via an exec.
On the other hand: we have custom actions where wie can
implement the needed timings. Problem is, that we have to
write a custom action. 
Benefit is, that we have no problem to do more because we
can not only write java code, additional we are in IzPack and
can use all structures of IzPack.
. E.g. it is possible to give an <singlefile>,
<file> or <fileset> entry in install.xml additional data which
can be used in the custom action. The data is a map of 
key value pairs (only for this you need a CompilerListener).
See docu and the examples in 
if you are firm with Java (if not, do not start learning
Java with IzPack...). Be aware, that the samples are a little
bit out of date.
In %IZ_HOME%\src\lib\com\izforge\izpack\event are actual used
custom actions; some simple, some more complicated.

Hope it helps


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>Hi team,
>I posted this question in the izpack users forum:
>and got a helpful answer back from Dennis.  However, I'd like 
>to keep my
>izpack install vanilla for maintenance purposes, so I wanted 
>to see if the
>IzPack development team would consider adding a new supported 
>stage to the
><executable> tag called "now" or something like that which 
>would launch the
>file right after it was installed, rather than launching it 
>after all packs
>were installed.
>Thanks for your consideration.
>Jeff Schnitter
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