[izpack-devel] New "InstallationGroupPanel" to allow the grouping of Packs

Amit Bhayani amit.bhayani at jboss.com
Tue Sep 5 10:15:46 CEST 2006

Hi Guys,


Have you ever felt need of grouping the packs together? For example
installer allows user to select Group1 and Group1 installs Pack1, Pack2
and Pack3. If user selects Group2 then installer installs say Pack2,
Pack3 and Pack5. If user selects Group3, installer installs Pack4. To
achieve this I am making use of new Panel InstallationGroupPanle.java
and InstallationGroupPanleAutomationHelper.java




I have made changes to install.xml in sample. I have attached both the
java files and install.xml with this mail for testing.

So in sample installation if you select Group1 then 'Base' and 'Docs'
Packs are shown to the user. If you select Group2 then 'Docs' and
'Sources' Packs are shown. Similarly if you select Group3 then only
'Sources' Pack is shown to the user.


Following lines should go in your build.xml 


        <build-panel name="InstallationGroupPanel">





Any feedback, suggestions are welcome.


In fact we are making use of this in JBoss Installer. You can download
the jboss installer from 
ownload and test.











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