[izpack-devel] New agenda proposal

Hans Aikema aikebah at aikebah.net
Tue Sep 12 18:54:52 CEST 2006

I agree with the new schedule.

I'm currently working with Thomas Edwin Santosa to get his Indonesian
languagepack for IzPack up-to-date with the current English langpack
(almost done, ETC tomorrow evening). If possible I'd like to add that
translation to the 3.9 branch (Thomas submitted the original translation
to this list in April already, but it was never added to SVN).

Can I still add it to the 3.9 branch? And if so, should I add it only to
the 3.9 branch or also to the trunk? (still fairly new to version
control with respect to branching. I'd expect adding it to 3.9 would be
sufficient, since it will get into the trunk with the merge after
releasing 3.9)


Julien Ponge wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been thinking about a new agenda, let me know if you agree or not, and I
> will modify the calendar if needed.
> M2 has been scheduled for next sunday, with the documentation expected to be
> completed. I propose to move it to tuesday 19th, and call it RC1 instead.
> Indeed, the week between M2 and RC1 is probably going to be useless, so it may
> be better to start with the RCs stage once we have the documentation. In this
> case, sunday 24th could be the final release date if RC1 does not raise any
> critical problem.
> Cheers
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