[izpack-devel] New features

Ryan Shillington Ryan.Shillington at troux.com
Fri Sep 22 19:13:39 CEST 2006

Hello team,


I didn't get in many of the new features that I had planned for the 3.9
release.  Unfortunately my work schedule conflicted with the IzPack
release schedule.


So now I have about a week or so of "light" activity so that I can get
these changes merged out of our CVS repository that I created before I
was invited to be a developer and move them into Subversion.  Obviously
I don't want to interrupt any of the 3.9 bug fixing though so I'm going
to create my own branch in subversion off of branch-3.9, called
'rshillington'.  That way once 3.9 has been released and the feature
freeze is over I should be able to merge them into head after the 3.9
stuff has been merged in.


One of the nice things about Subversion is (I believe) that you can
delete branches.  Hence, I'll remove the branch after all is said and
done.   If I've done something wrong, let me know.  I'm just trying to
help out without getting in the way :-).



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