[izpack-devel] IzPack 3.9.0 released!

Julien Ponge julienp at cse.unsw.edu.au
Mon Sep 25 07:39:00 CEST 2006

Dear all,

I am really pleased to announce the release of IzPack 3.9.0,  
available from our project website at http://www.izforge.com/izpack/

This new stable release brings some new features, including new  
panels and translations, as well as the usual set of bugfixes. You  
are strongly adviced to upgrade to this new release in order to get  
the benefits of the impressive work that the developers and  
contributors have put in.

I would like to warmly thank the developers involved in this release  
or the previous ones, as well as the contributors that sent us  
patches. This release would have never been possible without your  
tremendous work! I am also very pleased that there *is* a community  
behind this project, and it's nice to see that.

Feel free to spread the news of this release to your favorite  
websites, mailing-lists, forums and newsgroups.

Thank you again everybody, and enjoy this brand new release :-)


[ Changelog ]

   > 3.9.0 (build 2006.09.25)
- Fix Accents In French Langpack (Fabrice Mirabile)
- Update French Langpack (Julien Ponge)
- New Indonesian Langpack (Hans Aikema, thanks to Thomas Edwin Santosa)
- Updated Dutch Langpack (Hans Aikema)
- Fix for ComboBox in SearchField of UserInputPanel returning
   if no options added.(Fabrice Mirabile, thanks to Oliver Kiddle)
- Fix for the header of the window runs the message into
   the filename (Fabrice Mirabile, thanks to Oliver Kiddle)
- Added TroubleShooting for ShellLink.dll missing in help (DocBook  
and XHTML)
   (Fabrice Mirabile).
- Swing threading fixes (Julien Ponge).
- Some fixes adviced by IntelliJ IDEA 5.1 code inspector (Julien Ponge).
- Spanish langpack update (Cesar Martinez Izquierdo).
- New Polish langpack (Fabrice Mirabile, thanks to Radek)
- Fixed the createPWD.sh (Fabrice Mirabile, thanks to Radek)
- Workaround for crashes at end of installation with Java VM version
   1.5 (also known as 5.0) (Klaus Bartz).
- Updated russian langpack (Fabrice Mirabile)
- Fixed indent of ShortcutPanels Headline (Marc Eppelmann)
- Made available all IzPack Variable in the ShortCut Specs (Marc  
- Configurable heading panel added to InstallerFrame (Klaus Bartz).
- Panels counter (text or progressbar) useable in the heading or
   navigation panel (Klaus Bartz).
- Fixed logfile for AntActions (Eric Rose).
- PacksPanels: fixed disk space requirements (Ryan Shillington, via  
- Compiler fix (Ryan Shillington, via Julien Ponge).
- fixed Shotcut(s)(Panel) for Administrators on Win32 (Marc Eppelmann)
- Fixes on Launcher, handling stuff (Julien Ponge)
- MAC OS: Launcher is built as universal (ie, i386/ppc) binary   
(Julien Ponge)
- MAC OS: Qt is embedded in the application bundle  (Julien Ponge)
- Added a variable for install log, InstallerFrame.logfilePath (Klaus  
- Added the docu for install log (Fabrice Mirabile).
- TwoColumnLayout fix (Amit Bhayani @JBoss/RedHat).
- New compiler (packager) comandline argument -h for IZPACK_HOME; try to
   automatic resolving of IZPACK_HOME if not specified (Klaus Bartz).
- New layout manager (IzPanelLayout) for simplify layouting of IzPanels.
   Configurable anchor, gaps, stretch rules etc. (Klaus Bartz).
- Documentation figures refreshment (Julien Ponge).
- Throw an IllegalArgumentException in the compiler if the declared  
   name differs in case from the founded class name (Klaus Bartz).
- Re-Activated Shortcut Support for the Automated Installation (Marc  
- Expanded Debug.log()'s possibility to log with Timestamp and or new  
   Default is now: with both. (Marc Eppelmann).
- Suppress a NullPointerException in the RuleInputField (Dennis Reil,  
via Marc
- Merged normal installer and registry-enabled installers (Julien  
- A potential null pointer exception has been discovered in Unpacker  
with a
   custom action. (Dennis Reil, via Julien Ponge).
- Implemented the X-KDE subsitute user - shortcut attribute (see  
   (Marc Eppelmann).
- Write Desktop shortcuts to all known local and ypbinded users  
"desktop" folders.
   (Marc Eppelmann)
- Write common shortcuts and their icons to the new freedesktop.org  
   "/usr/share/applications"   and "/usr/share/pixmaps" folders to  
   these in the commons [start].menu (Marc Eppelmann)
- New InstallationGroupPanel for grouping packs together (Amit  
Bhayani, Scott Starks,
   Alex Pinkin @JBoss/RedHat, via Julien Ponge).
- Variable substitution in the description-elements of the PacksPanel  
(Dennis Reil, via
   Julien Ponge).
- Added a src.tar.gz target in the build.xml to create a  
IzPack.src.tar.gz (Marc Eppelmann)

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