[izpack-devel] panelid

Dennis Reil Dennis.Reil at reddot.de
Thu Sep 28 10:06:11 CEST 2006

Hi all,

For my company, I integrated a new attribute panelid which allows us to
give an id to a panel and use this id for the identification rather than
using for example the order of panel like it is done in UserInputPanel.

I think this can reduce many problems already mentioned in this list or
the users-list because now a panel can have a unique identifier so if
the panel developer takes care about it, it would be possible to use
more then one HTMLInfoPanel. It will also be easier to add a new
UserInputPanel-specification because you don't have to update the
order-attributes of all the other userinputspecs.

I can create a patch for this if you would integrate this into the next


    <panel classname="HelloPanel" id="hellopanel"/>
    <panel classname="UserInputPanel" id="xuserinput.installtype"/>
    <panel classname="UserInputPanel" id="xuserinput.regionchoice"/>

	<panel id="xuserinput.installtype">
	<panel id="xuserinput.regionchoice">


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