[izpack-devel] Langpacks as properties files

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Mon Apr 23 11:29:52 CEST 2007

Hi Markus,
thank you for the link. Mainly it is what I need, mainly...
Maybe I find something for things I do not like. Is it right,
that it is a zero-docu-software?

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	I think this is ok.
	Consider using a ResourceBundleEditor like
http://www.resourcebundleeditor.com/ (it's an Eclipse Plugin).
	It shows a tree on the left, and for each Language-Variant a
editor on the right, each one below the other, the default on top. 
	2007/4/20, Bartz, Klaus <Klaus.Bartz at coi.de>: 

		Hi all,
		in the moment I am working at the langpacks.
		Some weeks ago we have discussed it a little bit
		and decided to change to properties files and remove
		In the moment I have an converter from our HTML format 
		to properties format ready. I use a HTML helper from
		Elmar which uses the standard stuff.
		Not all old HTML files are convertable because some
		contains bad utf-8 sequences. E.g. ukr.xml.
		The properties file format is ugly to read for chars 
		other than ASCII, e.g.:
		installer.warning=\u8B66\u544A \!
		I think this is not editable. Therefore I am writing 
		a little, simple, ugly tool which shows the text as
		seen in the IzPanels and allow to edit it. I do not
		implement any way to write the glyphs with an English
		mapped keybord, else I assume that the user has the 
		needed keybord mapping activated. On MS Windows XP
		this works better as I have assumed. I have tested it
		with RU. I cannot read it, but I can write chars which
		looks like some which are present in the converted file.

		My votes:
		I vote to remove the old stuff (files like eng.xml)
		fully and support only properties files beginning with
		next medium relase(3.11).
		The standard langpacks we (I) can convert. Custom
		have to be converted by the install builder with the
		I vote to make the bad langpacks public in the user
		list and remove them in the next medium release (3.11),
		if they are not corrected. 
		Any comments?
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