[izpack-devel] Langpacks as properties files

Bartz, Klaus Klaus.Bartz at coi.de
Mon Apr 23 13:57:06 CEST 2007

may be I can try to place enhancements a little bit later.
Mainly the tool looks really OK...

I see the point, that - if we recommend to use this tool -
we have to write a how too.

One problem is, that it is not possible to use a directory 
outside the Eclipse project tree. If the project. which is 
used to develop eclipse, will be used, it is with the given
IzPack tree not possible. 
Root to develop:
This is not a problem created by the tools by eclipse.
I see two possible ways to handle it.

I. Put the langpacks unter lib, like
and copy them at build time to the directory where they
are present also sources are not installed.

II. Create a separate Eclipse project for the langpacks.

Or knows someone a way in Eclipse to
include files which are not in the project tree?

My other points:
For all languages a edit area will be opened. We have 26
langpacks in the moment. My display is to short to show all.

It will be nice, if the key marked which values have no contents.
Minor important.

Any comment?

Cheers Klaus

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> > I think the tool is a one man show, maybe the author would 
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> I have the same impression by looking at the website and 
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