[izpack-devel] Documentation patches &

Julien Ponge julien.ponge at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 18:10:20 CEST 2007

Hi Scott,

> On the wiki subject, I don't know if that would help much if you still
> limit the people who can update it as you do with the svn. You could
> just update the web from the svn automatically on a regular basis. If
> you did do the wiki, perhaps it would make sense to do as PostgreSQL
> does with their web docs: some can update the actual docs, but all can
> add comments at the bottom of each page. They post each version's docs
> and you can view them online with or without comments, or download a
> PDF. I've added comments before, but I don't know how they do their main
> updates. I'd guess they use some open source system, but it's not
> immediately obvious what that is. It seems like a good system, but I
> don't know how difficult it is to set up.

My objective is to give write accounts to the doc writers, then find a
way to perform the export from the wiki system/syntax. But before that
I need to test the solutions that exist for Dokuwiki to see if they
actually work as intended.

If they don't quite fit the needs, then I will have a look at some way
to pull the doc either from SVN or something like that.

A possibility is to use a simplified text files system like Markdown
or restructured text and generate HTML and PDFs from it. It's much
lighter than Docbook anyway, and I have read good things about people
even writing full books with it.


I would like to get Fabrice opinion about that first :-)

> By the way, I submitted the attached patch to node9.html a couple of
> months ago and it doesn't look like it ever got applied. If it got
> overlooked, I understand how that can happen. If there's a problem with
> it, I'd like to get some feedback as to why it wasn't correct or suitable.

I think it was somehow ignored, do you handle it Fabrice, or should I
merge it myself?


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