[izpack-devel] ImgPacksPanel.... broken on Vista only or elsewhere as well?

Hans Aikema aikebah at aikebah.net
Wed Apr 25 22:07:12 CEST 2007

When working on the distributed pack definitions I encountered a bug in 
the ImgPacksPanel / PacksPanelBase that appears at least in Vista:

When a pack is selected/deselected on the ImgPacksPanel the 
valueChanged(javax.swing.event.ListSelectionEvent) is fired. From the 
code in the ImgPacksPanel I deduce that it is intended that the 
imageicon is changed to that specific pack at that time. However on 
Vista I don't see that behaviour.

I assume this is a bug in the ImgPacksPanel. Is this also happening on 
other platforms, or is this a Vista-only issue? (You can easily test it 
with the default IzPack installer, since it uses the ImgPacksPanel and 
seperate images for each of the packs)

Hans Aikema

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