[izpack-devel] Distrubuted install.xml files ...

Julien Ponge julien.ponge at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 17:52:41 CEST 2007

Hi Hans,

> no problem.... (maybe you should sleep some more.... being too tired at
> 6 o'clock ;) )

Thanks for being patient :-)

> In the current situation (using the current patch) it might even
> surprise the installation-developers. A small example:
> <packs>
>     <pack> ..... </pack> <!-- gets index 0 -->
>     <refpack file="distributedsinglepackfile.xml" /> <!-- the single
> pack that was defined in this file gets index 2 -->
>     <pack> .... </pack> <!-- gets index 1 -->
> </packs>
> Most install-writers will expect a '0 - 1 - 2' instead of the resulting
> '0 - 2 - 1' for this scenario. It gets even more complicated if the
> refpack contains more than one pack.... and the install contains more
> refpacks. How to compute the correct indexes to use for each of the packs?

Ah ... that made the problem very clear :-) So here I go:
- yes for using different ids, and
- it would make sense to have some resources being defined in the
external refpack documents, especially since there are pack-dependant

I am not sure whether also distributing other parts externally is
useful. At least it can be conceptually tempting, but I fear that it
would add too much complexity... I don't have a need for it myself,
but maybe some other people do, so I would let the consensus appear


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