[izpack-devel] Problem with shortcuts under Linux

Julien ciryus432 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 22:48:37 CET 2007


I'm trying to make shortcuts for KDE. Basically, my application has 
several parts, and I'd like a menu structured like that:

   * MyApp/Part1
   * MyApp/Part2
   * etc..

The problem is that if I set <programGroup defaultName="MyApp/Part1">, 
it doesn't create a subdirectory but rather name the group "MyApp/Part1" 
which is kinda awkward. Using a '/' or a '\' doesn't change much.

Another alternative I tried was to have this structure:

   * MyApp/Part1 - Shortcut1
   * MyApp/Part1 - Shortcut2
   * MyApp/Part2 - Shortcut1
   * etc..

The problem here is that when I install 'Part2', then the menu hierarchy 
file gets overwritten:


And links form 'Part1' disappear :/

Any idea?


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