[izpack-devel] Some more Xinclude thoughts

Matthew Fudge mfudge at volantis.com
Fri Dec 14 21:00:06 CET 2007

Hi all,
My other email account seems to not respect Reply-To so I thought I'd switch to using my work one.

The Xnclude patch I submitted seems to be working pretty well for me. However I have come across a 
few other small issues on which I would like some assistance.

a) All relative resources/ref-packs/anything else that are defined seem to be relative to the 
current directory (the directory you are in when you invoke the compiler). This is causing a few 
problems for me as I currently have to work within a maven build framework. In this set up the 
current directory is not the location of the install.xml file. This causes xincludes/resource 
references/ref-packs etc. to search for thier content in a different directory to the directory 
containing the install.xml. I think that relative references/xincludes/etc should be relative to
the file they exist in. I would like to make a change to make this happen. Comments please

b) I would also like to make a small modification to the parsing of resources. If the parse type is
"parsexml" (rather then just "xml") I would like to use the nanoXML parser to actually parse the data 
and then serialize it back through the the VariableSubstitutor. This would enable xml resources to
have xincludes in the resouce processed at compile time (using the parsexml type) or at install 
time (using the xml type).

Any ideas would be welcome.



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