[izpack-devel] Small corrections

Bernhard Kastner beka at vision-flow.at
Mon Dec 17 15:01:56 CET 2007

Hi ng,

as I wrote in 10.12.2007, I had a little problem with the automated 
installer which selected every pack available, no matter if the 
XML-attribute "selected" said yes or no... (see my message from 071210 
15:10 "Automated Installer")

In PacksPanelAutomationHelper the problem was quite obvious: There is no 
decision whatsoever, if the attribute "selected" says anything, the 
packs are just added to idata.selectedPacks if they are present in the 
XML, which means, all packs are being added to idata.selectedPacks.
This may be prevented by either not writing unselected packs to the XML, 
or by properly checking the "selected"-attribute. I decided to do the 
latter. Before the line
simply insert the following if-clause
if (el.getAttribute("selected").equalsIgnoreCase("true"))
in PacksPanelAutomationHelper.java

That did the trick for me.

Another thing I stumbled across during testing the installer on Ubuntu 
Linux with Gnome and KDE (Kubuntu) is, that the Gnome-shortcut for the 
start menu (with Gnome it's called gnome-panel or simply panel) actually 
doesn't work due to a missing newline at the end of the .desktop-file. I 
fixed this issue by simply adding a newline to the shortCutDef-String in 
Unix_Shortcut.save(). I replaced this line
String shortCutDef = this.replace();
with that one:
String shortCutDef = this.replace() + N;

I'm sorry I don't have any time to create a patch or something like 
that, but I'm sure some coders from the project will have that done in 
no-time as long as you want to include those fixes.

The version I was working with was 3.10.2 (build 2007.05.11). It's the 
most recent that is presented as primary link on the 
izpack.org-homepage. As far as I have tested, my changes have no side 
effects, but don't take that for granted as I'm still testing the final 
version of my installer.



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