[izpack-devel] IzPack 3.11.0-beta2

Julien Ponge julien.ponge at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 11:39:52 CET 2007

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce the release of IzPack 3.11.0-beta2 that can
be downloaded from http://izpack.org/

This (beta!) release brings the usual set of small bug fixes and
improvements, including:

  * some langpacks updates (english, french, german and spanish)
  * some GUI polishing (for instance ProcessPanel shows and
indeterminate progress bar)
  * the conditions framework now provides a set of pre-defined
OS-specific conditions so that in many cases you don't have to write a
conditions.xml resource anymore, and a few bugs have been fixed
  * the IzPack installer checks if you are installing the latest
version of IzPack
  * a lightweight test has been added to check if the installer is
launched from a JDK or a JRE (some software won't work without a JDK)
  * the web installers have received some improvements
  * the Swing look and feel libraries have been updated
  * XInclude-like constructs are supported so that you can modulize /
factorize some XML fragments in multiple installers
  * a new subproject called 'izpack-utils' has been created - at the
moment it provides 'izpack2exe' and 'izpack2app' to wrap IzPack
installers inside Windows executables and Mac OS X application bundles
  * ...many more in the raw changelog at the end of this email :-)

Many thanks to the individuals and companies that have contributed
code to the project.

Feedback is more than welcome!


- Added ignore as possible value for failure argument in executables
(Dennis Reil)
- Added Conditional expressions (Dennis Reil)
- Fixed selection of default language in LanguageSelectionDialog (Dennis Reil)
- Fixed RegularExpressionValidator (Dennis Reil)
- Added corrupt volume detection (Dennis Reil)
- Added file and dir fields in UserInputPanel (Dennis Reil)
- Modifications to keep original file dates and times in _dist
directory and in the installer jar
  (Ari Voutilainen via Julien Ponge)
- UserInputPanel: force users to select an existing directory or file
  (Michael Hagedorn via Julien Ponge)
- Default path for JDKPathPanel will be got from Windows registry if
possible (Klaus Bartz)
- New Farsi langpack (Parastou Kohvaei via Klaus Bartz)
- Dynamic control re-rendering (show/hide) on radio and checkbox
selection events (Vladimir Ralev)
- Locale support of Shortcut specification file (Klaus Bartz using a
hint of Loic)
- Enabled distributed pack-definitions (Hans Aikema based on patch by
Syed Khadeer)
- Update of the Liquid and JGoodies look and feel libraries (Julien Ponge).
- Support for the toned-down Substance look and feel themes (Julien Ponge).
- Added main frame GUI properties 'headingForegroundColor' and
  (Daniel Azarov, Exadel Inc via Vladimir Ralev)
- Unix shortcuts fixes (Vladimir Ralev)
- TreePacksPanel, a hierarchical packs selection panel (Vladimir Ralev)
- HTMLInfoPanel to launch links in external browser on any Windows and
Linux (Vladimir Ralev)
- PacksModel fix (Markus Schlegel via Julien Ponge).
- Workaround for layout problems in UserInputPanel when clicking
previous button (Dennis Reil)
- Nimbus look and feel support (Julien Ponge)
- Try to load a 64-bit dll if the 32-bit load fails and 64-bit
ShellLink (Vladimir Ralev)
- File / fileset Os constraints: addition of a JRE version test (e.g.,
<os jre="1.5" />)
  (Gilles Wiart via Julien Ponge)
- Hungarian langpack update (Kerekes Balazs via Julien Ponge)
- InstallGroupPanel: sortable InstallGroups (Markus Schlegel via Julien Ponge)
- chmod only applies and executes when file type is set to bin
(Andreas Guenther via Julien Ponge)
- LayoutManager bug at handling EditorPanes fixed (width to small) (Klaus Bartz)
- Fixed NPE when ypcat not installed on linux. (Dick Hollenbeck via
Marc Eppelmann)
- Updated web installer (Vladimir Ralev)
- Unix shortcuts allow programGroup icon. Fixed appearing multiple
times bug in Fedora 7.
  (Vladimir Ralev)
- TreePacksPanel with more user-friendly click logic. Added automated
installer helper.
  (Vladimir Ralev)
- Updated installation listener interface (Vladimir Ralev)
- Re-entrant ShortcutPanel (WALLEM Pascal, AWL-T&P via Vladimir Ralev)
- FileExecutor: allow Java classpath specification in targetfile attribute using
  either : or ; delimiter, and support classpath loading of all jar
files within a given folder,
  e.g. targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH/lib/allMyJars (Andreas Guenther via
Julien Ponge)
- Support of a new 'uninstall' (yes/no) attribute on pack elements to
allow certains pack to be
  kept on uninstallation (Gildas Le Louarn via Julien Ponge)
- Uninstaller: in GUI mode, users don't see the 'force uninstallation'
checkbox unless the
  '-x' command-line flag is used (Gildas Le Louarn via Julien Ponge)
- Fixed wrong display size of really big packs (Dennis Reil)
- Tango icons (Julien Ponge)
- Refreshed installer border images (Julien Ponge)
- Fixed conditions in PacksPanel/PacksModel (Dennis Reil)
- Added conditions for jobs in ProcessPanel (Dennis Reil)
- Fixed wrong required size of packs (Dennis Reil)
- Added condition-attribute to pack element in installer.xml (Dennis Reil)
- Spanish langpack update (Sergio Banos Calvo via Julien Ponge)
- Various fixes (Loic via Julien Ponge)
- Added conditions-definition to installer xml (Dennis Reil)
- Added dynamic variables (Dennis Reil)
- IzPack installer: check that users are actually launching the latest
version by checking from
  the http://izpack.org/ website (Julien Ponge)
- Added debugging for variables and conditions (Dennis Reil)
- Added built-in conditions (Dennis Reil)
- ProcessPanel: make the progress bar advance after the current
process has run, not before
  (Julien Ponge)
- JDKPathPanel: Mac OS X fix (Julien Ponge)
- PathInputPanel: add some space between the text and the input field
(Julien Ponge)
- Installer files: support of a 'requiresjdk' element to specify
wether a JDK is required for the
  software to install (instead of just a JRE). This is a light test
performed like 'javaversion'
  before the installer frame appears. (Julien Ponge)
- Support of XInclude-like constructs (Matthew Fudge, Volantis Systems Ltd.
  via Julien Ponge)
- Spanish langpack update (Sergio Banos Calvo via Julien Ponge)

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