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M. Khurram Ali khurram_ali at tmm-ltd.com
Sat Jan 6 16:57:25 CET 2007


I have created an installer listener that FTPs installed packages to a
specified directory. I believe that this will be useful to other people
as well and so am sharing it here. The zipped folder contains a portion
of JvFtp (a GNU based Java FTP client that I used) and the code for my

- Extract this folder in to <installation folder>/src/lib.
- Build it using the following ant codelet:

        <build-installer-listener name="FtpInstallerListener">
            <include name="cz/dhl/ftp/Ftp.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/ftp/FtpConnect.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/ftp/FtpContext.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/ftp/FtpControlSocket.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/ftp/FtpDataSocket.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/ftp/FtpFile.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/ftp/FtpInputStream.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/ftp/FtpInterpret.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/ftp/FtpListInputStream.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/ftp/FtpOutputStream.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/ftp/FtpSetting.java"/>            
            <include name="cz/dhl/io/CoComparable.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/io/CoFile.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/io/CoFilenameFilter.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/io/CoLoad.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/io/CoOpen.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/io/CoOrder.java"/> 
            <include name="cz/dhl/io/CoSort.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/io/CoSource.java"/>            
            <include name="cz/dhl/io/LocalFile.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/io/LocalSource.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/ui/CoConsole.java"/>
            <include name="cz/dhl/ui/CoProgress.java"/>

- The following variables are required by the listener: ftp_address,
ftp_user, ftp_password. Maybe it may make sense to create an FTP Panel.

- The listener will create directories with permissions: 755. Scripts
will be created as 700. HTML and other readable documents as 744.


M. Khurram Ali
Engineering Manager

TMM Software Systems


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