[izpack-devel] New logging stuff

Dennis Reil Dennis.Reil at reddot.de
Wed Jan 10 12:06:12 CET 2007

I would vote for changing the Debug class to use the new logging stuff,
so that there is only one place where the logging is done.

Am Mittwoch, den 10.01.2007, 11:49 +0100 schrieb Bartz, Klaus:
> Hi all,
> Elmar has written a new logging stuff which supports 
> different languages, presents a message to the end user
> and so on. Elmar has send the first version of the sources
> last December.
> There are different slots for errors, warnings and messages.
> The message box calling wether the contents should be
> written into a file or not will be presented at end of installation.
> Now there is additional a debug message slot using different
> channels. 
> In opposite to other slots I think the debug messages
> should be written to stdout or stderr at the time they
> will be created. If I debug, I will see messages from step
> to step. One question is additional log them later with
> the hole stuff or not. 
> An other question is how to manage the debugging channels.
> I think we can use two ways. As first an xml file in the
> installer which can configure it. Experts can then simple
> use a spical file at the tests or edit it in the jar file.
> As second a commandline option like
> -DTRACE=DebugSymbol1,DebugSymbol2,DebugSymbol3 
> and so on. I remember that I have voted not to use 
> commandline options to configure the installation. Yes,
> that's my meaning, but debugging is not a normal usage
> of the installation and I have no lust to explain more 
> than four times how to edit an xml file in a jar file...
> I think it will be good to use it.if exist I will change
> the loggings of the classes I have written to this new
> stuff.
> But we have also an existent logging system with 
> com.izforge.izpack.util.Debug
> Marc has added and changed something in it last time.
> Good for debugging, only channels missing.
> My question is, whether we should change all debugging
> output to the new one or not. Else we have two classes
> for the same thing.
> Please comments
> Cheers
> Klaus
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