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Markus Schlegel markus.schlegel at pulinco.com
Fri Jan 12 16:38:29 CET 2007

As said before, HTMLHelloPanel is a derivate work of HtmlInfoPanel, and
therefore has the same functionality (except for the exceptions
described below).
Since the documentation says, that HtmlInfoPanel supports variable
substitution, HTMLHelloPanel also supports it. However, I did not test
this, since the variables in my text are replaced by ANT while building
the installer.

Attached the source and a compiled jar.

There may be room for refactoring such that HtmlInfoPanel may also be
used as the HtmlHelloPanel, but this would require changing the
HtmlInfoPanel (support more than one instance per installer, title label
must be optional).
Could also do this, but requires acceptance of committers first. 


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Yes, I'm interested. If the the VariableSubstitution is integrated - to
resolve such variable things as the buildnumber, vendor, copy-right and
left messages ;) and so on...

Cheers Marc

Am Donnerstag, 11. Januar 2007 21:08 schrieb Markus Schlegel:
> Is someone interested in a HTMLHelloPanel ?
> I use this instead of the HelloPanel (which displays only kind of 
> "fixed" text).
> Also the installer looks more like other Installers, because of the 
> Title and the more explainig text on the first side.
> HTMLHelloPanel is copied from HTMLInfoPanel, but does not have a label

> at the top nor does it ever have a horizontal scrollbar.
> Should I make patchfiles or is nobody interested in this?
> Markus Schlegel
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