[izpack-devel] IzPack Java installer 3.10.0 released -> Congrats

Elmar Grom elmar at grom.net
Wed Jan 31 02:49:17 CET 2007

Hi Fabrice,

good to hear from you. I am happy to see that you continue to go after the

If you have followed my recent conversation with Nandy Jones, you might also
be aware of another area that needs fixing. It seems that some changes in
the shortcut implementation are not documented. I suspect those changes were
either part of or implemented shortly after the addition of shortcuts for

It also seems that some of the changes are buggy, which led to the symptoms
Nandy was observing. If you need, I can give you the details as far as I
know them.


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Hi Elmar and others !

First of all, I also would like to say how pride and thankful I am of being
part of this so cool community.

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