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Mon Jul 16 11:47:04 CEST 2007

> However what is the big issue with our current XHTML?
> If It's only a matter of ids, I can definitely fix that. If on the other
> hand it's a deeper problem than maybe it's time to move on.

The thing is that there are many many generated ids, code and stuff
like that and I find it harder to handle when you need a change. In
the short term it is always easy to make a small change, but in the
long run it may not be the best bet :-)

> Julien, even though I'm pretty sure we can, is it possible to do so with
> reST?

Yes. Basically, they provide a set of Python programs that can make
the transformations:
rst2html, rst2latex (then you can run pdflatex) and so on.

If you have a more elaborated structure than a single file, you can
write a simple Python program as well, since 'docutils' is actually  a
Python module. For example the Django Project manage its documentation
this way:
- 1 file = 1 chapter
- they have custom script to put it all together and write the output.

Python being very portable, the whole thing is quite trivial to do.

What do you think? As I said previously, I am volunteering to create
the generation scripts and make the migration to reST files.


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